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21 October 2010

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Streamscape, no. 6
6 October 2010

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Old dog
24 August 2010

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River ice
1 February 2010

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Vanishing point
7 January 2010

Thumbnail image

The promised land
5 January 2010

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Spare parts
28 December 2009

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27 December 2009

Thumbnail image

Ancient maple
19 December 2009

Thumbnail image

Floating tutu
16 December 2009

Thumbnail image

Letting go
24 November 2009

Thumbnail image

9 November 2009

Recent Comments

ikan hias on Old hands on the wheel
wow this old photo

Brother Rick on Red chair
Ive sat in that chair...if it is where i think it is... my grandmother's bedroom......

Penny on The world from my window
What memories, Charlotte!

k@ on Ascension
Like in a novel of the aristocratic old England, superb lines & lights - wish you a merry Xmas, dear Charlotte*

David on Ascension
The slight movement in the figure is just right. This is what they're always trying to find on "Ghost ...

jeffrey on Ascension
great shot Charlotte!!

sylvain santelli on Ascension
pretty scary photo !

Ralf Kesper on Ascension
Very nice! I have an association with the stairs of `Exorcist` :-)

Ralf Kesper on Shaker workshop
A time capsule! Very nice.

David on Shaker dresses
I like the soft light and the quaint subject matter.

Ralf Kesper on Shaker bowl
Nice still life!

David on Shaker churns
The soft light is perfect here. There is great detail in the shadowed areas, too.

k@ on Exposure
Totally fascinating, Charlotte...

k@ on The nature of religion
Masterpiece ! Frame, mood, mystery and subtle range of grey scale. Really enjoy this one.

k@ on Red chair
Love the intimacy felt here - hope you are fine, just a hello passing by (i post less but i'm around). Cheers*

k@ on Closing up
Like a Vermeer painting !

Ralf Kesper on Milk pails
A very nice and nostalgic sujet. I like this image.

Ralf Kesper on Shaker churns
fine light!

David on Tiny driver
Very nostalgic. The soft light is beautiful.

Charles on Deck chairs
Looks like a great place to relax!

Julie DiCarlo on Red chair
I like this one. A hint of Wright Morris with color.

David on Evening
Very tranquil and homey. I like the way you captured the reflections of the flame on the glass.

David on Red chair
This evokes the spirit of someone who just left...

David on Mere's room
I like the way the perspective leads the viewer into the photograph. The shadows are great-- they give depth but ...

Gérard Beullac on Window seat
Cool serie.

Mirjam on Empty bed
I also like the composition and the warm feeling on your photo.

Eran on Empty bed
Very nice composition! The gentle harmonious colors such as beige and yellow add warm and peaceful feeling to your ...

Ralf Kesper on Empty bed
I´m a littlebit tired now it possible that I ....? :-)

David on Summer reading
This is a fun shot! You seem to have captured them unawares-- a true candid.

Reza on The nature of religion
lovely shot

David on Cross
Great isolation!

Curly on The Decemberists
Exceptionally good performance shot in challenging lighting conditions.

Ana Lúcia on Spiral staircase
Excellent! Nice perspective.

Hans ter Horst on Spiral staircase
Excellent, almost like the graph they use to explain the Golden Ratio!

David on Exposure
Wow! This is a really interesting point of view. Very cinematic.

Mariana M. on Stairs
Fantastic place and your frame .

jeffrey on Embrasure
very nice framing!

alex centrella on Lake (Lac) Memphrémagog
wish i was there ..

Longroute on Lake (Lac) Memphrémagog
Neat and effective. The boat is the necessary focal point and enhances the sense of vast space. Well captured and ...

David on Summer at the lake: Every which way
I can hear the laughter and the splashing!

Mouse on Hall stairs
I recognized these stairs immediately. Very nice work.

David on Summer at the lake: back flip
Ahh! Summer days!

Olivier Paillet on Summer at the lake: back flip
Very nice catch ! Well done !

DowsherVision on Summer at the lake: back flip
All in one, landscape-action-backlight shot ! Nice picture.

k@ on Summer at the lake: back flip
Wonderful feel, i love those splashes in beautiful light.

Eric C. on Summer at the lake: back flip
I like this picture

Garfield on Bride's farewell
What an impressive capture. The moment, the light, the scale .. well done

Garfield on Photo op
Nice colors and creative angle!

Charles on Beachfront windows
Nice composition and framing.

sidonie on Beachfront windows
Good composition. I like this black and white sensation.

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