Charlotte Meryman

About Charlotte Meryman

I've been taking pictures since middle school, when I toted around a big Brownie box camera. For the next 30 years, my Pentax K1000 served me well. Though I pursued a career in writing and editing, I occasionally dabbled in photojournalism and have continued to photograph for pleasure throughout the years. Now, midlife and mid-career, I am committing myself to more fully developing this passion. After so many years of trying to capture the world in words, it's wonderfully refreshing to speak in the language of images instead.

I launch this project with special thanks to my just-graduated daughter, whose pluck in packing up for the great unknown made me realize the world can be my oyster, too; I just have to open it.

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Photography Equipment

Starting in late August 2010, a brand spanking new Canon EOS 7D and Canon EFS 18-135mm lens. Prior to that (and still will use off and on) a Canon PowerShot A650 IS. Also have borrowed my daughter's Canon EOS Rebel T1i on occasion. Processing is with Photoshop Lightroom 2, though my earliest postings were done with iPhoto.